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Croatian Islands – Covid-free zones

Croatian Islands – Covid-free zones

Croatian Islands – Covid-free zones 30.04.2021 10:43
Villa Giardino Heritage Boutique Hotel Bol
Croatian islands have been declared Covid-free
The Ministry of Tourism and Sport has launched a campaign called "CROATIAN ISLANDS - COVID-FREE ZONES “.

Croatian islands show a drastically smaller number of cases reported daily, making them safer to visit than the mainland. With over a thousand islands in Croatia, visitors have a wide variety of choices of which islands to visit.

One of those islands is Brač. Along with stunning nature, a rich gastronomic offer, crystal clear sea, and endless beaches, Brač has its own international airport (BWK)! Direct flights help make travel safer, and along with rapid Covid tests available in Bol, your carefree summer can begin.

Located in Bol on the island of Brač, Villa Giardino carries the Safe Stay in Croatia label, ensuring the highest standards of health and hygiene. Contact us to learn more about how you can book a safe stay in Villa Giardino.
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