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20 Best Things to Do on Brač While Staying at Villa Giardino in Bol 2024

20 Best Things to Do on Brač While Staying at Villa Giardino in Bol 2024

20 Best Things to Do on Brač While Staying at Villa Giardino in Bol 2024 12.06.2024 11:48
Villa Giardino Heritage Boutique Hotel Bol
While vacationing on the island of Brač, exploring these captivating sites and engaging in exciting activities will undoubtedly enhance your experience. Check out this list of the top attractions and activities on Brač while staying at the heritage boutique hotel Villa Giardino! If any of these pique your interest, get in touch with us and we'll assist you in planning your perfect holiday.
1. Zlatni Rat Beach
Zlatni Rat, a paradise-like beach recognized as one of the "Top 50 beaches in the world," is a stunning pebble beach on the Croatian coast. Situated just 2 km from the picturesque town of Bol, it's easily accessible by car or a pleasant 20-minute walk along the shore. Its stunning beauty and crystal-clear waters make it a must-visit destination for beach enthusiasts and travelers alike.

2. Vidova Gora - Highest Island Peak in Croatia
Vidova Gora, rising to 780 meters, is the highest peak among all the Adriatic islands. Accessible by car and bike, it also offers hiking opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. The views from Vidova Gora are breathtaking, offering excellent photo opportunities of the famous Zlatni Rat beach and panoramic vistas of Hvar, Šolta, and several other nearby islands.

3. The Blaca Desert
The Blaca Hermitage, established in 1551 by Glagolitic priests, was transformed into an impressive museum following the death of the last hermit in 1963. Visitors can explore old furniture, kitchens, dining rooms, and various styles of decor throughout the rooms, along with a rich collection of antique weapons, watches, and numerous astronomical devices. The hermitage is accessible by boat or car.

4. Paddle&Explore
Paddle&Explore is a team of energetic and adventurous individuals who share a love for the outdoors. They provide customized travel experiences, led by a highly skilled and experienced crew, using new and user-friendly equipment. Their goal is to offer the best possible eco-friendly tours. Learn more here!

5. Tour a winery & try local wines
Stina Winery presents a delightful selection of wines crafted exclusively from Brač grapes, ready for sampling. Situated on the scenic seafront in Bol, it provides a perfect setting for a relaxing evening of wine tasting. The winery's ambiance, with its picturesque views and elegant seating, enhances the overall experience. In addition to wine tastings, Stina Winery offers tours and insights into the winemaking process, making it a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts.

6. Restaurant Mali raj
Restaurant ‘Mali Raj (Little Paradise)’ enjoys a prime location right above Zlatni Rat beach, easily reachable by car via the road to the renowned beach. Built from stone, the restaurant is nestled within an old olive grove surrounded by ancient olive trees and vineyards. Thoughtfully chosen elements of the island’s heritage create unforgettable experiences of authentic Dalmatian cuisine and relaxation. We highly recommend it for the freshest seafood in Bol.

7. Brač off-road tour
For those who prefer inland adventures, embark on an exhilarating guided quad tour in Bol on the beautiful island of Brač. Accompanied by experienced guides, enjoy a two or three-hour journey through the island’s breathtaking landscapes, rugged terrains, and hidden treasures. Tours are available at Paddle&Explore.

8. Stonemasonry High School in Pučišća
Established in 1909, this is the only stonemasonry school in Croatia, with nearly 300 students enrolled. Group tours can be arranged to showcase the art, history, and tradition of stonemasonry on Brač. As one of the few schools in Europe specializing in stonemasonry, it is a highly esteemed trade school.

9. Restaurant Biomania
Biomania, located in the town of Bol, is a dedicated farm-to-table, plant-based restaurant that exclusively serves organic meals at two locations: the city center and Zlatni Rat Beach. Their mission is to exemplify sustainability while offering guests top-quality ingredients that surpass organic standards. They cultivate relationships with small family suppliers on the island of Brač, grow their own produce, and tailor their menus to highlight seasonal and local ingredients unique to the area's terrain, climate, and agricultural traditions. Be sure to give them a try!

10. Mountain bike
Brač offers a wealth of mountain biking trails suitable for all skill levels, from easy rides to challenging routes. Explore untouched wilderness and stunning forests as you traverse the island's scenic landscapes. Whether you're a passionate cyclist looking for an exciting ride or a nature lover seeking a peaceful journey, biking on Brač ensures a thrilling and fulfilling adventure. Available at Paddle& Explore.

11. The Museum of Oil
The Museum of Oil in Škrip showcases the traditional methods of olive oil production on Brač. This practice is a significant element of Croatia's culinary heritage. Visitors can enjoy tours that include tastings of homemade oil. The museum also features historical exhibits, providing a deeper understanding of the island's agricultural traditions. Engaging activities and demonstrations make the visit both educational and enjoyable.

12. Dragon Cave
Near Bol, a small cave was occupied by monks and hermits in the 15th century. They honored the local pagan customs, leading to a blend of the two traditions. The cave is renowned for its wall carvings, featuring sculptures of dragons, humans, birds, and various animals. According to a pagan legend, it was once home to a one-eyed giant named Orkomarin.

13.  Rent a boat and beach hop
Discover hidden beaches scattered around the island by renting a boat. Set off on a captivating journey from beach to beach, gliding through the pristine waters of Brač, and finding secluded shores that boast breathtaking natural beauty. With the liberty to chart your own course, you can craft an extraordinary adventure, exploring one scenic beach after another, each with its own distinctive allure and peaceful ambiance.

14.  Scuba dive in Bol
The underwater realm conceals numerous wonders waiting to be uncovered. Dive into the depths to explore dramatic cliffs, vibrant reefs, sunken ships, enchanting caves, diverse marine life, and even an ancient Roman villa submerged beneath the waves. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned diver, the Adriatic Sea offers an awe-inspiring experience that captivates all who venture into its depths.

15. Windsurf in Bol
In Bol, you can experience the thrill of both windsurfing and kitesurfing. With its consistently breezy coastline, Bol offers ideal conditions that draw enthusiasts of these sports from across the globe. Whether you're looking to catch the perfect wave or master the art of airborne maneuvers, Bol's dynamic winds make it an excellent destination for watersport adventurers. The area's vibrant scene provides opportunities for all skill levels to enjoy and improve their windsurfing and kitesurfing techniques.

16. Visit the Submarine Pen
The southern coasts of Brač, once designated as military areas during the era of Yugoslavia, now serve different purposes. These historical submarine bunkers have been repurposed as refuges for local fishermen, popular tourist destinations, and even unique spots for swimming. While they are most conveniently reached by boat, they also offer a glimpse into the island's intriguing past. Today, visitors can explore these remnants of military history, which seamlessly blend into the stunning natural landscape.

17. Enjoy a movie under the open sky
Watching a movie at the open-air summer cinema is a magical experience, where film lovers can indulge in their favorite flicks beneath the starry night sky. This setting merges the pleasure of cinema with the allure of the great outdoors, creating a nostalgic and memorable ambiance that has become a beloved summer tradition for many. Conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from Villa Giardino, this cinema provides a perfect escape to unwind and enjoy the season’s charm.

18.  Admire the Brač Stone
Brač stone, a highly esteemed limestone native to the island of Brač in Croatia, is celebrated for its outstanding quality and elegance. This stone has adorned architectural marvels for centuries, notably including the historic Diocletian's Palace in Split. As you stroll through Bol, you’ll notice many sculptures crafted from this stone, especially along the route to the famous Zlatni Rat beach. Be sure to explore the array of souvenirs fashioned from Brač stone, such as clocks, decorative pieces, and keychains, offering a unique keepsake of your visit.

19. House in a House
A well-known local legend tells the tale of six brothers: three affluent sea captains and three impoverished priests who shared a home. Among them, Marko, a cantankerous and obstinate priest, adamantly refused to sell his portion of the land to his brothers. Despite their persistent attempts, his refusal led to a new house being constructed around the original one. A subsequent tragedy, where the captains’ ships were lost in a storm, was believed to be divine retribution for their deeds, resulting in the end of their family line. This intriguing piece of history is a noteworthy site, conveniently located near Villa Giardino.

20. Travel to other towns on the island of Brač
Brač is home to over 20 settlements, ranging from its largest and most central town, Supetar, to quaint villages like Ložišća and Dol. We highly recommend renting a car to explore the island’s traditional towns and villages, both along the coast and inland, each offering its own unique charm and story.

Whatever you choose to do on the enchanting island of Brač, Villa Giardino Bol serves as the ideal base for your adventures and the perfect haven to return to after exploring. Enhance your visit by indulging in the warm Dalmatian hospitality at the Heritage Boutique Hotel Villa Giardino in Bol, ensuring a memorable and rejuvenating experience. Feel free to reach out for more details on activities or to make a reservation!
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